Why we give.

God is generous and so he calls us to be as well.  What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and that includes what we do with our finances.

Give to Holy Cross Lutheran - Flushing MI

 Your donations can be designated for different areas of Holy Cross ministry or payment for a special event.

Ways To Give

Give Online:

It's secure, it's simple, and it encourages consistent giving.
Holy Cross can receive monetary gifts online by credit card  or by withdrawal from your bank account. Likewise you can choose to give a one-time gift or establish a recurring gift at an interval of your choosing. To give online fill out the form below and follow the simple instructions. An online account is required; this enables us to send you an end-of-year tax receipt.

Give In Person

You are always welcome to drop your gift / envelope into the plate as it is passed on Sunday mornings.

Mail A Check

Checks can be mailed to the main office at any time. Please make Checks out to Holy Cross Lutheran Church and mail them to - 1209 Coutant :: Flushing MI 48433

Have questions or need help?

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